Pubs, Clubs and people in Wickford (1).

From the John Neville Collection

The Quart Pot,Runwell
The Quart Pot,Runwell
The Quart Pot,Runwell
The Castle Hotel
The Castle Hotel
The Castle pub from the railway line
The Castle Hotel
The White Swan c.1886. The proprietor Mr Edward Cox standing outside the door
The White Swan
Outside Darbys Factory.c1918 The small boy on the left is Mr Bill Lepper.The man holding the motorcycle handle is Mr Stan Nicholls one time Essex and England Cricketer
Wickford Coal Yard
Pc Bolden on the right
St. Georges School Wickford. Where was it?Do you recognise anyone in the photo?
The Wickford Hunt
The Wickford Hunt
Wickford Cricket Club. August 1932
Do you recognise any of the children?
Do you recognise any of the children?
Ladies Cricket. Do you know anything about the team?

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  • Reading the name Drain, I recall a man who ran taxis around the 1940s. That’s all I can recall about him.



    By Dennis Smith (14/01/2014)
  • Re. the PC Bolden photograph, Mr Peter Hall’s book “Wickford” published by Chalford, 1996, shows the same photograph with the constables named as Bolden and Drane, implying Bolden is on the left not the right. I am not sure who is who but one of them is my ex wife’s grandfather and the spelling of their family name is Drain not Drane.

    By Chris Leah (15/07/2013)
  • The fourth photograph from the top shows the original White Swan circa 1886 and the proprietor Mr. Edward Cox standing outside complete with bowler. This is my Great Great Grandfather on my Mothers side. He was laid to rest in Nevendon Church and my late Grandmother gave back to Gordon Carter the invoice for his funeral….which from memory was 7s 6d. But sadly when I went to Gordon to obtain a copy for my family tree…..the invoice had been lost with other such memorabilia during the Wickford floods. When your roots go back this far….how can you not love the place……..I have sadly watched my beautiful village slowly but slowly destroyed by so called planners from Basildon Council who always think they know what’s best for Wickford. Where once there was architecture it has been replaced with square or oblong flat roofed obcenities which are called modern structures. The property developers have allot to answer for in Wickford….fat wallets and no conscience. Nothing matches or compliments another building…’s ugly and will never stand the test of time like the beautiful buildings they’ve destroyed. Wickford is mentioned in the Doomsday book and you would think that it would live up to such an accolade. But any sign that this was once a thriving agricultural village has been destroyed our own village now a town has got nothing to show for what it was……and it all happened when Basildon New Town came into being. All we have now is our memories … sad.

    By T.A.Williams. (26/08/2012)
  • In the 10th photo taken outside S C Darbys. I wonder if the young Mr Bill Lepper, knew that later on in life he would be Darbys head storeman and a shareholder of the firm. I worked with Bill in the late 1950s, ( see in Personal Memories of S C Darbys ) a very nice man that could always take a joke. He always saw the funny side, when I was sent to the stores to get a `Bucket of Steam`, or a `Sky Hook` or a `Tin of Black and White Striped Paint`! These were the sort of tricks that the men would play on us young lads. Bill would aways say, ” tell them I am out of stock of these at the moment ” ! keeping a straight face.

    By John Wernham (13/11/2011)

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