Pubs, Clubs and people in Wickford (2).

From the John Neville Collection

The Quart Pot Darts Team
Wickford Rovers FC 1923-4.The man with a flat cap on at the rear was a Director of Southend United FC.The short man 2nd left at back is Mr Carter of Carter and Wards
Wickford Hall,Jersey Gardens
St Patricks Day 1925
A Wickford Couple ?
Carnival Scene
Remembrance day parade
War time Group. Can you identify them?
Wickford Farm scene. Do you know where it is?ARM
Wickford Rover FC 1924
War time Group. Can you help identify them?wwAR
Merry Wickford. Can you help identify them?
Merry Wickford. Can you help identify them?
The opening of Wickford Nurses Home Southend Road. The Policeman in foreground is Pc Bolden. This building was demolished in the 1970s to make way for the Wickford Bypass

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  • The farm photograph is in Church End Lane, just on the brow of the slight hill on the left hand side from Wantz corner going towards the church, before the right hand bend. Bungalows were built on the site in the late 1950s and early 60s.

    By Alan Hall (09/02/2015)
  • I too have this Darts Team photo at the Quart Pot.  Back row from left, Mr Guiver.  Middle row standing, first from left my uncle Alec Carter, 4th from left, his older brother Arch Carter, to his left brother Frank Carter and 6th from left my Dad, Les Flexman and finally 11th from left another Carter brother, Horace, the Park Keeper at the ‘Rec’.

    By SANDRA ELLIS (Nee Flexman) (13/11/2013)
  • The Quart Pot darts team. I can confirm the person sitting on the right of three is Harry Hall my grandfather. He was known apparently as Dead Eye Dick for what reason I am not sure. Harry was a plumber known as W H Hall & Son and he lived in Church End Lane. The business is still in existence now in the hands of my brother.

    By Alan (01/10/2013)
  • The 2 photos of merry Wickford were taken outside the Quart Pot, do not know the year. The first being my grandfather sitting on the right Harry Hall. the other being one his brothers Alf, their mother and father to his right, these being my great grandparents.

    By Alan Hall (01/10/2013)
  • Merry Wickford the 2 persons are sitting outside the Quqrt Pot, these are my great grand parents, parents to my Grandfather Harry Hall who had a plumbing business in Church End Lane – W H Hall Plumbers

    By Alan Hall (01/10/2013)
  • Re the photo of the nurses home – rather than erect a monument to the fallen of W.W.I, it was decided to put the funds to a more practical use and the nurses home was the result. The two memorial plaques, that can be seen on the wall either side of the main entrance, were moved to Memorial Park when the building was demolished.

    By Cliff Thornton (23/08/2012)

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