The Chat and Chew Club.

Celebrating its fifth birthday

Who remembers the Chat and Chew Club started by Ellie Carter in the 1980s?

Seen here celebrating with Beatrice Smith (87), Ellie is cutting what looks like a huge cake. How popular was the club and when did it close?

Ellie and Beatrice
Echo Newspapers

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  • The Chat and Chew was a coffee and cake cafe set up at the community centre on Market Road.
    Staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers the profits went back into the community centre funds.
    As an aside, Eleanor stood for Council a number of times and even had a road named after her, Eleanor Chase, due to her nagging the Council about potholes.

    By Jeff Gregory (16/09/2019)
  • This was my lovely Mum’s cafe. Please do you have any more pics?

    By Victoria Carter (15/05/2018)

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