The teachers of Wickford Senior School, 1953

Market Road School

This photograph appeared in Jim Reeve’s book “Wickford Memories”. All the teachers were named, except the last in the back row. I have been told he was Mr Hazler. Can anyone confirm for me?  Add your memories of your time in this school. 

From Jim Reeve's book "Wickford Memories".

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  • I was at the school from 1951 to 1956 and well remember all the staff in the photograph.
    In the front row, second from the right, I believe is Miss Amos the music teacher. (I do not remember a Mrs Cockie at the school during my time).
    First from the left in the back row is Mr Rackham, he took me for PE for the first three years, then music in my final year.
    The last teacher on the right in the back row is Mr Thompson, the art teacher. (Mr Hasler was a PE teacher, but not at the school during headship of Mr Rose. Mr Hasler joined the school during the headship of Mr Ward).
    Mr Brookes was my form teacher in Upper 1 for a short while until he left and was replaced by a Mr Jarvis.
    Miss Evans was my form teacher in Upper 2,
    Mr. Fountain my form teacher in Upper 3 and Mr Lovelock in Upper 4.

    By Derek Saffell (05/02/2018)
  • Miss Evans gave me a love of poetry and Mr Lovelock maths. Two great teachers.

    By Roger Powell (05/01/2018)
  • Mrs Gray didn’t like me in her classroom, I was so bad at needlework. She wouldn’t waste new material on me!!!!

    By Shirley hellings (31/07/2016)
  • I also remember Mr Rackham. His favourite trick was to throw the wooden black board rubber at you. Also banged his fists on the cupboards in temper. A very nasty man who was eventually thrown out.

    By Barbar carter (19/05/2016)
  • Strange looking at this photo as I was there, but I am sure Mr Plum was the art teacher then and no mention of a Mr Rackman, who I might add was a tyrant. I left to finish school at Billericay because of him.

    By Robert Howard (04/10/2015)
  • Oh so many memories!  I lived in Wickford from 1950 until 1974.  I attended Beachamps Secondary and I would assume that some of the teachers named above would still be the teachers I remember from 1960 to 1965.  Mr Fountain took us for history during my third year but I best recall him telling us a horror (scary) story of his visit to the North Yorkshire Moors – utterly eccentric!  Mr Lovelock was the only maths teacher who inspired me to enjoy maths and pass exams a whole year earlier than I was due to.  Miss Evans, if I recall correctly, was friends with a Miss Humphreys (not featured above) who was our 3rd year form mistress.  Mr Richards was known as the caning master and therefore no boy wanted to be sent to his room!

    By Adele Mason-Morgan (20/10/2014)
  • I was at this school as a pupil from 1951 and left in 1954, after staying on past my leaving age for two terms to take, and pass, a Royal Society of Arts exam in Maths, English and Science . We could not take GCSE from there in those days.

    I have not seen this picture before, and in response to Jo Cullen’s request, would say that – if she means the man behind Mr Phillips and Mr Richards then it is Mr Pelmear. He came to the school as an art master. It was he who, when on ‘Dinner Duty’ in the main hall, CANED every pupil present, after ‘Porky Bloom’ from Woodham Ferrers threw a wet dish cloth which hit him, whilst he stood on the stage. No one would ‘own up’ and he caned every boy. He also had the habbit of ‘flicking his ‘quiff, back out of his eyes, and at the same time his face turned scarlet – poor chap – we were naughty!! I bet his arm ached a bit.

    If I may be so bold, Mr Fountain is mentioned twice – he is in fact, third from left, next to Mr Rose. Beryl Spencer was the school secretary, and got many a young male pupil excited, when she first arrived at the school.

    I have posted details of other pupils, and matters of interest on the page about Wickford Secondary Modern School by John Fuller.

    By Dennis Smith (21/03/2014)

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