Beauchamps School 'Midnight Walk'.

I was at Beauchamps School from 1963 to 1968, and, possibly in 1966/1967, a walk was organised which started at Haverhill and I believe finished at Southminster.

I managed to get to Maldon, a distance of about 32 miles. It started at midnight at Haverhill Town Hall, and we walked through the night. I can’t remember which charity it was for but looking back it seems incredible that we were allowed to do it.

It was quite a large group and there didn’t seem to be that many staff to keep a check on us. Does any one else have clearer memories?

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  • The walk was in aid of “Shelter”. It was organised by the Essex Congregational Church; I was taking part and was trying to get pupils to sponsor me. A number asked if they could take part. It then grew and I had to organise a coach to take people to the start. It would never be allowed now but was great fun at the time and raised about £300.

    By Michael Woolnough (17/02/2020)

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