Wickford Junior School memories.

Retirements of Mr & Mrs Rainey and Mrs. Bottle.

This is a photo of the celebrations on the retirements of husband and wife teachers, Mrs. Val Rainey and Mr. Hugh Rainey, also Mrs. Maureen Bottle, at the Wickford Junior School, Market Road on the 19th July 1991.

Mr. Hugh Rainey had taught at the school for 27 years. Mrs. Val Rainey and Mrs. Maureen Bottle had both taught at the school for 23 years. In the early years of their teaching there were 43-45 children in each class.

In their last years of teaching Mrs. Rainey and Mrs. Bottle taught 3rd year (now Year 5) and Mr. Rainey taught year 6.

The photo is taken on the school field.

Can you recognise anyone in the photo?

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  • Although association with Wickford Junior was very brief, stumbling across this picture evoked a flood of memories. In the Spring term of 1975 I was a rather clueless, naive and it has to be said, not particularly good, student teacher who took over her class for 5 weeks. I remember Val Rainey well. She was supportive, kind and tolerant and a thoroughly nice person; one of those life-affirming people that you bump into in the course of a lifetime. I didn’t see much of Hugh as he had been given dispensation to spend time playing with (I think) Ron Grainer’s orchestra. The crowning glory of my teaching practice was to get a fire engine to visit the school, which stayed briefly and left in a whirlwind of flashing blue lights and sirens. I remember one particularly difficult day (Feb 28th). It was my wife’s birthday and she had to go for an interview in London. News came tricking through that there had been a major crash on the tube – it was the Moorgate crash, the worst ever in the history of the underground. With no internet or mobiles in those days it made for a tense day. Whilst at the school I also became friendly with Graham Marlowe who occupied the class next door. For a year or so before moving to Devon, I was involved in his amateur dramatic group in Basildon. Happy days.

    By Graham Thomas (22/11/2020)
  • I remember Mrs Bottle – lovely lady and teacher. Also Mr and Mrs Rainey. Mr Rainey played at London Palladium. Also recall Mr Marlowe.

    By Deb (15/04/2019)
  • I know the Raineys – he has a jazz band at the Rettendon Lodge, and lives up Brock Hill still.

    By bobcroot (03/08/2017)

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