Wickford Junior School. Does anybody remember Mrs Jackson?

A great teacher!

I have very fond memories of my old teacher Mrs Jackson and I’d be interested to hear from any other people who remember her.

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  • I’ve been talking recently about the Holland trip with Pam Smith, who went on it (I didn’t). We couldn’t recall – were the pupils drawn from only the 3rd year, or from other years as well?

    Incidentally, if you google the hotel name, there are some excellent photos of the hotel itself (both from now, and from decades gone by).

    By Lyn Humphrey (16/02/2017)
  • Yes, I also remember the week in Holland, Noordwijk-an-Zee if memory serves. My first flight – Boeing DC3 (converted car transporter) from Southend Airport. It was a noisy old crate! Spent the week on the beach playing football with my room mates, Kenny Williams and Christopher Hobbs.

    By Nick Cole (29/12/2016)
  • I remember Mrs Jackson very clearly – medium-length dark hair, and glasses. She wasn’t ever my form teacher, but in 1963 she taught one of the other classes in my year, which was my 3rd year. I vividly recall our Christmas party where she had helped our teacher, Mr Hughes, to organise getting the cakes etc.

    Also during that year she had her class perform a variety show which we saw. I recall that one song was ‘Gossip Calypso’, and another was Cliff Richards’ ‘Bachelor Boy’. We thought it was great – it was certainly much more fun than lessons!

    Also in 1963 (eventful year, that) she was one of three teachers who took a large group of pupils to Holland for a week (the other staff were Mr Lamb, and Miss England). There was an excellent photo on Friends Reunited.

    By Lyn Humphrey (12/03/2016)
  • Yes I do remember Mrs Jackson well, although I struggle to picture her face. She was definitely my favourite teacher and I think I had her for 2 years.

    My dad used to grow chrysanthemums and would proudly pick the best ones for me to take in to Mrs Jackson. When my friend Susan’s father died she gave Susan a hug, we were all astounded, teachers just didn’t do that in those days.

    Yes I remember the pound of stuff lesson! I grated stale bread for ages. It must have made an impression on me as I have been a science teacher myself for 27 years. 

    By Yvonne Du'Bery (Collinson) (27/02/2016)
  • Does anyone remember Mrs Jackson? She was our form teacher at Wickford County Junior School from 1962 until 1964 (including through the bad winter of 1962-3). She was a great, natural teacher who encouraged natural scientific enquiry for its own sake and in many respects was years ahead of her time in her teaching methods. In those days there was no national curriculum (not any that pupils and their parents were aware of, anyway) and it was left to teachers to fill the days as they saw fit. This resulted in Mrs Jackson’s lessons being open-ended discussions about ‘anything and everything’.

    An example comes to mind: the topic of density (now bear in mind that we were a bunch of ten to eleven year olds). We were told to bring in from home ‘one pound of stuff’. I chose a pound of newspapers. My mate said he was going to bring in a pound of chicken feathers until they laughed him out of the butcher’s shop. He took a pound weight from his Mum’s set of scales instead. Other class members brought in a variety of things and much fun was had comparing the various sizes. The object of the exercise was to show that materials of different densities could have different volumes for the same unit weight.

    A complex subject for young kids and I’m sure it’s not on today’s National Curriculum until much later, but Mrs Jackson it felt like fun, not hard work.

    It’s the sort of thing that sticks in your mind and I can still recall it fifty years later.

    By Nick Cole (15/12/2015)

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