New Supermarket?

This photo is possibly of Wickford’s supermarket. 

What was it called when it was built? I only know it as Somerfields and The Co-op.

If it is the supermarket, what are the large buildings behind it?

? Supermarket
Basildon Heritage Collection

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  • I Worked at Somerfields in the early 2000’s. From other sources it was originally KeyMarkets, Gateway then purchased and rebranded the store in 1984, later rebranded as Somerfields in around 1994, and were taken over by the Co-op in 2008.

    By Richard Yeldham (29/11/2023)
  • I joined the RAF on the 24th March 1981, the day the new Keymarket opened, and left the old Keymarket the day before. I think the large red building in the background is the old Keymarket.

    By Tony Lockhart (19/01/2018)
  • That was originally built as a ‘Keymarket’ with a section at the end ‘let’ to the ‘House of Holland’. I believe the red brick building at the back might be ‘Suttons’ store.

    By Robin Lockhart (01/01/2015)

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