New Supermarket?

This photo is possibly of Wickford’s supermarket. 

What was it called when it was built? I only know it as Somerfields and The Co-op.

If it is the supermarket, what are the large buildings behind it?

? Supermarket
Basildon Heritage Collection

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  • I joined the RAF on the 24th March 1981, the day the new Keymarket opened, and left the old Keymarket the day before. I think the large red building in the background is the old Keymarket.

    By Tony Lockhart (19/01/2018)
  • That was originally built as a ‘Keymarket’ with a section at the end ‘let’ to the ‘House of Holland’. I believe the red brick building at the back might be ‘Suttons’ store.

    By Robin Lockhart (01/01/2015)

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