(Higley) B. Higley's shop, 1959 -1983

Before Dolphin Print

Alan Higley

This was my mum and dad’s shop in 1959. Then it was a green grocer’s but I now run it as Dolphin Print.

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  • The LAMBO was my cousin’s who took the photo.
    He worked at the BBC.

    By ALAN HIGLEY (01/02/2021)
  • I remember all of the shops. I have lived here since 1956. The flood came up here in 1958.

    By ALAN HIGLEY (28/01/2021)
  • I remember all of the shops that you mentioned Gary. But your recall of the names is impressive. The only name I remember is Kershaws. I also remember your Dad’s Lambretta.

    By Gary Osborne (01/01/2021)
  • Does anybody know who owned the Lambretta tv 125 that’s parked on the forecourt? Looks very much like my dad’s. Can the photo be enlarged to make out number plate?

    By GARY TOWNSEND (19/12/2020)
  • I remember Higleys as a fruit and veg shop, I lived in Bromfords Drive, so just round the corner, I also remember, Kershaws store, and Swanberrys, sweet shop on the bend just before Higleys, think the owner was Tom Swanberry. Sure they moved to Bexhill. I also remember a lady who worked in there with a broad Irish accent, this would have been in the late 1960s-early 70s. If you followed the Nevendon Road past Cranfield Park Road, there was a general store, Ramsey. They had free range chickens, in the field that bordered Borwick Lane, now an Indian restaurant. Does anybody remember any of the above?

    By Gary Townsend (16/12/2020)

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