Green Stores

Delivery man, Jeff.

Does anyone remember a Greens Stores grocery delivery man called Jeff, 1938 -1943/4. My mum lived in a smallholding ‘Thirlmere’, unsure of full address but certainly Wickford; she spoke very well of him. Her name was Winifred Horsfall, my siblings were Alan, Peter and Marion, aka Wendy. Any information re. the people and or Greens Stores greatly appreciated!

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  • Thank you Robin for mentioning Harold Locke, he is my father. He took over the Wickford shop in 1935. He used to love to tell his stories of war time Wickford. I myself remember Bill and his van. If anyone has any memories of my dad I would love to hear them.

    By Alison Whale (nee Locke) (24/01/2019)
  • I believe you are right about their address being Egbert Gardens. I don’t know anything about Mr Stone but I believe they had a son called Barry. 

    By Robin Lockhart (12/01/2016)
  • I believe Jessie’s husband worked on the war agriculture around the Runwell area, and also believe that they lived in Egbert Gardens, am I right? I remember a Mr Stone working on the fields during the last War.

    By bobcroot (04/01/2016)
  • I don’t remember Jeff (a bit before my time) but I do remember a Bill Parker who lived at Rochford. His Green’s Stores van was kept in the garage at the back of the store. He delivered orders for quite a few stores in the area but his base was 35 High St., Wickford. There was also another driver, Jack Jennings,  I believe he was based at Jersey Gardens and he lived off The Chase at Runwell. The  manager at 35 High Street was a Mr Harold Locke; I don’t know when he took over 35 but he moved to the store in Bridgwater Drive, Westcliff in the latter part of 1958 and a Mr Bob Wood became the manager.  The store became a self service store after closing on Thurs 3/4 and reopening on Tues 8/4/58.

    By Robin Lockhart (03/01/2016)
  • That lady was Jessie Stone, she went on to become the manageress of the shop at the top of Jersey Gardens. I believe her sister-in-law also worked in the High Street store (no 35); she went by the name Toni Stone.

    By Robin Lockhart (18/12/2015)
  • Greens Stores was located in the High Street, opposite Iceland approximately. The shop assistant, as I remember, was a large lady with bright red lipstick. There was also another Green Stores at the top of Jersey Gardens which was later taken over by Cutmores, known locally as Conchy Cutmore as being a conscientious objector in the last War. 

    By bobcroot (17/12/2015)

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