Gigney's Lorry

Gigney’s Bonus Stores Lorry 1930s.

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  • I live at no. 4 Elm Road.  Gigneys built my house. I am very interested to find out if anyone has any information on Elm Road and when the houses were built. Thank you.

    By Jane Hay (28/07/2014)
  • Hi,

    I am wanting to get this photograph printed onto a canvas, and was wandering if anybody could let me know where I can get a decent image, as the sizing on this image has been reduced so will not look good when re-adjusted. We are wanting to hang the canvas in Gigney’s Coffee Bar located opposite Windsor Castle, in Windsor, East Berkshire.

    If anybody could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks!

    By Danielle Grant (10/06/2014)
  • Thank you Barrie Adcock for your input about Mr Gigney’s driver.  I wonder if it is the same person that drove for Englishs. From further research I have done with the Model T register it appears that it may not have been a purpose built van, but could have been converted locally in Wickford.  I wonder if any such records exist from local garages of the period.

    By JOHN WELLS (23/02/2013)
  • James Gigney was my wife’s Grandfather.  Can anyone supply any more details re. the van, make, model or registration plate? Is it in preservation anywhere?  Keen to learn more about the family, photo’s, houses and the saddle making side of the family.  Are there any Gigney saddles or harnesses anywhere?

    By John Wells (27/02/2012)
  • The driver who used to work for Gigneys was a Mr. Simpson

    By Barrie Adcock (09/01/2012)

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