Gigney 'advertising plate' - the original.

John Wells shows us an original plate, and some family history from more recent times.

“Please see the pictures which I hope will prove of interest. The plate is the ORIGINAL plate handed down through the family;  it does not have the raised lettering around the edges.
The middle picture, taken before I joined the family, shows the GIGNEYS of then HAYWARDS  HEATH; they are (from the left) LESLEY GIGNEY, AUDREY GIGNEY, ALAN CALVER, WENDY GIGNEY, REGINALD F. GIGNEY and JILL GIGNEY, at the wedding of Wendy to Alan.

The bottom picture shows the family, less 1, standing outside the family shop in Haywards Heath – a gents’ barbers and a sweet shop.  Reg had sold the business by the time I met Jill (on the left), middle daughter Wendy is on the right. Lesley is not featured, but she worked at a local photographers for a time and could have taken the photograph.”

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  • Wonderful and evocative picture of the shop and Mr. Gigney himself with his memorable hair.

    I attended Mount St. Joseph’s Convent school (just up from the shop’s location on Hazelgrove Road) from 1960 to 1964, and, like my schoolmates, spent a lot of my pocket money in the shop – on chocolate, sweets and bubble gum cards, from the Beatles to the American Civil War (most of which I still have). Happy memories.
    Thank you for sharing this!

    By Richard Royston (20/05/2023)

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