Franklin's Butchers (3), Christmas Display

Roy Hall collection

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  • My grandad, Albert Franklin, ran the shop in South Woodham, and just to say that his sausages were the best I have ever tasted; he was still making them for Smiths Butchers in Woodfield Road, Hadleigh, into the mid 60s, after he retired.

    By Troy Martin (19/04/2020)
  • My earliest memory of Charlie Simpson, who was my mother’s sister’s husband, was as an employee of Franklins. He was their roundsman, and helped in the shop as required. We used to buy our meat from them, although during the war, when my father was farming Poplars Farm, he used to come over to help. If an animal injured itself and had to be destroyed, he was the butcher man. The local policeman was always notified and would arrive on his bike to certify that all was in order. A long time after this when I was on the garden staff at Runwell Hospita, and we then worked on a Saturday morning, it was my job to call at Franklins and buy the Sunday joint. Edith Franklin, a stern lady, used to sit in a small room, behind a glass screen, and take the money. There was also one of the Franklin men in the shop who was known as, at least by Charlie, as ‘Sage’.  This was due to the seasoning they used in their sausages, namely the herb, sage. Never get the same taste in sausages these days!  Franklins of Wickford also had a brother, who independenly ran his own shop in South Woodham Ferrers, before you came to the level crossing.

    By dennis smith (03/02/2014)

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