Driscoll, hair stylists on The Broadway

Jo Cullen

Last year, while waiting for a bus at the Swan Inn, I noticed the shop-fitters removing the name board from the front of a shop next to Acorns. Underneath it was an old name board, with the name Driscoll Hair Stylists. Does anyone remember how long ago Driscolls was a working hairdressers?

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  • In the 1960s, any ladies’ hairstyling had ended. It was by now an out and out barbers. Mum sent me and my brothers there as they took more hair off for the money. I’d go in as primary school kid with a six month mop. The barber would grab a short plank of polished wood to place across the arms of the adult chair to raise me up to a manageable height. So we got what I’d now describe as a short back and sides and a short top too, so was really more of a crew cut. The scissors didn’t get much use, unlike the electric clippers which did all the work in about 5 mins flat.

    By Philip Merrin (01/06/2023)
  • I worked as a Saturday girl in there in 1967-1969.

    By Sue Tofts nee Hutchins (22/12/2017)
  • When Driscoll’s closed it was taken over and traded as Allan’s.

    By bob croot (15/05/2014)
  • My sister Lynette was a trainee hairdresser in 1950 at Driscoll’s if my memory is correct.

    By John Fuller (11/03/2014)

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