A sketch of Mayes Bros, Wickford.

Drawn by Jeff Blunt.

This sketch was sent to us.  It contains some information about when the business was operating.

Photo of the Mayes store
On the corner of Station Approach and the Broadway, probably late 1950s.

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  • My Dad told me that a son of Mr Mayes played football for Chelsea, around the 1940s or ’50s, I believe. Does anyone know if he was right?

    By Lyn Humphrey (01/02/2018)
  • Mayes were a large family, and dabbled in many things, including owning a heating oil company, and were part of garden Beauty Products, possibly owned by Maywick.

    By bobcroot (16/12/2016)
  • Was the Mayes shop anything to do with Maywick who had a factory making hatching things for chickens at Hanningfield?

    By John Bevan (27/11/2016)
  • Does anyone else remember Mayes Bros.  I posted a comment about my dad and a friend a while ago.  Does anyone remember them?

    See the link here.

    By Maggie Carman (14/08/2016)

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