Wick Farm

Wick Farm 1972
Wick Farm 1974
Wick Farm 1974

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  • Editor.

    In late April 2018, Les came back with another comment.

    “After discussing the dates with relations yesterday, it is likely that the farm may have been lived in up until about 1972!
    My Mother in law seems to remember her husband, Florence Beatrice Nelson was his Aunt, visited the farm about three to four weeks before Florence died in August 1972. The Probate Register dated 1973 page 6276 also states:
    “Nelson, Florence Beatrice, of Wick Farm, Wickford, Essex, died 12 August 1972. Probate Ipswich 10 April”

    By Bob Plimmer (12/09/2018)
  • I have been looking for photos of this farm for a long time.
    My wife’s Aunts and Uncles lived at Wick Farm from at least 1939 until 1972.
    They were on the farm on the Electoral Register in 1939 and when they died the Probate Register shows all three were formerly residing at Wick Farm, Wickford.
    Their names were:
    Montague James Nelson, died 1955,
    with sisters:
    Florence Beatrice Nelson, died 1972,
    Ethel Millicent Nelson, died 1949.
    My wife visited the farm from about 1958 to 1963 and recalls that there was a pond at the front and a ‘mad goose’ named Joey!

    By Les Fitzgerald (07/04/2018)

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