Wickford Market

Some of the stalls on the third site of Wickford market, which is opposite the Community Centre in Market Road

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  • I may be mistaken, but I vaguely recall Alf’s surname was Cohen.

    By Nicholas Cole (04/10/2022)
  • Used to sell eggs on a stall at weekends for a local farmer and had many laughs in the 80s.

    By Barbara Norton (02/05/2022)
  • I remember Alf’s stall. I was only a kid but watching Alf’s patter as he sold his stuff out of the back of an ex-Army truck was entertainment indeed, whether or not you were buying. I remember people used to jostle to get to the front and closer to the ‘bargains’! You have to remember that the UK hadn’t long been off rationing so people were desperate for luxuries. Also ITV had only recently started up showing US TV shows which showed plentiful goods in American homes. UK folk desperately wanted the same thing.

    By Nicholas Cole (17/11/2018)
  • Anyone remember “Alf’s” stall? As my Nan said you asked no questions!!!!

    By judy dey (18/06/2013)

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