The Wickford floods

Photographs from the John Neville Collection

Wick Drive
High Street
The Broadway
Halls Corner
Wick Drive
Southend Rd
The Broadway
Southend Road

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  • Sorry Barry but it was Coxheads before Egans. Peacocks was further up the street, Coxheads were plumbers, Peacocks I think was a shoe shop.

    By BOBCROOT (04/03/2020)
  • As a girl I used to go in the kiosk under the railway bridge with my parents, my dad would buy his digger shag pipe tobacco, before we went to the pictures.

    By Shirley Hellings(that was) (21/01/2018)
  • Can anyone remember the little kiosk situated almost under the railway bridge in the high street?

    By Mike Merrick (20/12/2017)
  • Looking at the Wickford floods I thought I recognised my grandfather in the second photo of the High Street. He was Pop Wallace who lived in a Flat with his  brother Charles in the High Street. In later years he helped in Adcocks Newsagents. In his earlier years he was a member of Wickford Cricket Club. I have found some photos and match reports which I would love to give to the club. 

    By Beryl Young (14/12/2013)
  • I was just looking through some old family photos and found 2 taken of ‘Warders’. I was trying to work out what connection they had with my family and realised my grandad lived in the flat about that shop. He was a baker.

    By Wendy Ramsbotham (30/09/2012)
  • We lived in Belmont Ave. between 1945 and 1990s. I remember this well, may have been in one of the photos.

    By Jennifer dignum(Weeks) (22/01/2012)
  • The one driving the DUKW was Roy Carter. I was on the DUKW in the picture. Nobody had ever driven it before and Roy made a good job of driving it through the High Street and bringing people to safety and dropping them in a safer place away from the flooding. The picture of the Lady looking into the shop window was Mrs. Egan. She was looking into the window of her own shop which was by the Railway Bridge. Egan’s Radio shop used to be Peacock the Plumbers. In the background of this picture is Mr.Wallace (Pop Wallace) who lived in a flat above Giles above a shop just opposite the Carlton Cinema (now the 99p shop) I also remember whilst we were stranded in our Newsagents (Adcock’s) and saw the boat in the picture rowing past and a while later there was also a coffin sailing past which I presume came from Carters Undertakers (wonder where it ended up)

    By Barrie Adcock (09/01/2012)
  • The DUKW, the US amphibious lorry, in some of these photos was owned by Silva Carter.

    By James Nason (13/11/2011)

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