Harringtons' shop, Station Avenue.

I found this picture of the shop owned by Mr and Mrs Harrington, who lived in a large house now recently demolished on the corner of Guernsey Gardens. There are a number of comments¬† been put on this site about the competition with Adcock’s, in relation to paperboys and girls and also how commuters could leave their wellington boots there during inclement weather,¬† but this is the only picture I can find.

Does anyone have anymore?

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  • As a former paper boy at Harringtons’ I can confirm the rivalry between us and our Adcock counterparts. Harringtons’ paid fifteen shillings a week, whereas Mr. Adcock paid a pound as your wages.
    At almost seventy, I can still remember my paper round, which doubled in size on a Sunday because of the supplements included. I had the longest round in the shop which began at the Bank opposite The Railway Cottages and finished at the top of London Road as you entered Ramsden. When the sun shone it was great, when it rained, oh boy, you got very very wet!! Happy days.

    By Trevor A. Williams (13/03/2022)

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