The Castle - pub and hotel

Although long gone, it is not forgotten.

If you have memories and stories about this pub we would like you to share them with us.

A photograph of The Castle (right of centre) taken from the railway line.

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  • Back in March 14th 1969 I met my husband to be. It was his 19th birthday.
    We married in October 1970
    Moved to Canada in 1989. I was so horrified to see on one of my visits home to visit my mum that it had been pulled down. Such a sad loss to a very old building

    By Sue Roney (30/10/2020)
  • My Mum (Mary Murphy) worked in the Castle from about 1978 for approximately 9 years,  preparing food at lunchtime and cleaning the bar before it opened. It was run by a really nice couple (can’t remember their names but do remember that his birthday was Christmas Eve) who invested a lot of money restoring and revamping the place, making it a pleasant place to drink, with a nice garden. They had various dogs and a couple of goats for a time. My Mum would have to clean the pub at weekends and for opening on Christmas day and would drag me down to help her at some ungodly hour whenever I visited home. My parents moved back to Ireland in 1987 and ended our contact with Wickford. Was very sad to read that the pub had gone.

    By frances Mitchell (02/01/2014)
  • THE Castle pub had good times and bad times. I remember having xmas parties in the hall at rear, many a good night, but it was a no go area sometimes. Many a saturday night there were punchups, thirty years ago. There used to be a police presence many a saturday night.

    By BOBCROOT (21/05/2013)

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