The Castle - destruction of a pub

The High Street 1998

This is the gradual destruction of the Castle Pub in 1998.

The Castle ‘Hotel’ as it used to be known was an old coaching hotel. Although a  date for the pub is unknown, it is listed in Pigots Trade directory in 1828-29.

It is now the site of Aldi supermarket.




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  • I worked at the Castle for a while. I can remember all the cockroaches that were there. There always seemed to be a nice warm fire at the end of the saloon bar.

    By D.J. Westgarth (03/02/2020)
  • I use to drink in the Castle pub. Public bar only. I was a Wickford skinhead back then. None of this racist bollox then. We would NOT have allowed it. It was all about the music and great friendships made. The fights on Bank Holidays at the seaside. I paid the price for being a Wickford skinhead. Magistrates Court in Billericay. Mr Rafbone Danico, always fair, but firm. In 1975 to 1979.
    I am 61 now. Live in Bedford.

    By Mr Shannon Passfield. (28/01/2020)
  • I didn’t think the castle pub was demolished until 1997-8? Only I was only born in 91 and I remember seeing it as a child and have a photo of it when watching the carnival. I’m not sure if small buildings were demolished before then but the main building I remember. 

    Got some great pictures on the site. Really fascinating.

    By Jenny (24/10/2015)
  • A grade 2 listed building, several prominent Wickford people tried to save this beautiful old coaching house, a prominent feature in the centre of Wickford from the earliest days of Wickford’s history. Yet Basildon’s Caring Council that always knows what’s best for Wickford destroyed it in the name of progress.

    By T.A.Williams (28/04/2014)
  • It’s a shame members of the public were not informed it was going to be demolished.

    By JACKIE GRIFFITHS (19/10/2013)

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