The Swan

We would like stories and memories of The Swan (The White Swan).

The White Swan c. 1886. The proprietor at the time, Mr Edward Cox, is seen standing outside the door.
From the John Neville Collection
From the John Neville Collection
Bob Croot
Bob Croot

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  • In third picture down, the couple standing below the man sitting on the engine are my parents. The man with the accordian was George Whiting who lived in the old police house in Jersey Gardens (way, way back!)

    By bobcroot (25/04/2017)
  • Going back as a child, as I have recently written, there was a large outbuilding in the Swan yard which was a stable at the bottom and large room at the top, which I assumed was a rest for stablemen and coachmen. I can remember the pigeon club having their meetings whilst Patmore, Collings and myself were playing about in the straw upstairs. Those were the days!

    By bobcroot (10/05/2016)
  • I see today ( 23rd July 2014 ) that the swan is being repainted ( red!) with the “swan hotel ” sign being highlighted. Given this pub has changed hands frequently and has had a poor reputation re drugs etc I wish it well. It would be good to have a decent proper pub in the main Wickford drag.

    By Robert Lerwill (23/07/2014)
  • I remember ” My Lords Ladies and Dingleberries…. may I have your last orders please” very well!

    By Ron Stuart (09/12/2013)
  • I too remember the Gardeners, as my mother was a barmaid then. I used to sit in the back kitchen with Josey Patmore, an in-law to John Gardiner, with her nephew Patmore Collins.   It was great haunt for the tennis and cricket club. It was a high class pub in those days ,only the best people went there.

    By BOBCROOT (04/05/2013)
  • Looking at these photographs…..the first depicts my late great grandfather Edward Cox. But as I myself was growing up in my teens the Swan and the Castle were the two local watering holes in Wickford. It could be said that I was a regular in all of our resident Public houses. I was told by both Mum and Dad that Johnny Gardner and Connie were the first two people to see me when I was born in September 1952……so there was always a bond between us. John Gardner was ex Army Officer sand together with Connie were wonderful Landlord and Landlady. It was a tremendous shock….when in nineteen hundred and I can’t remember…..John and Connie Gardner left the Swan and took over the Carpenters Arms in Rawreth. Both John and Connie will always be remembered for liking a tipple or two…..but their ability as mien host was exceptional and won them a great number of friends. Now at the end of every session John would call time…….ding ding…ding ding as the bell sounded last orders. I wonder how many of you will remember John’s address to the assembled customers…..” My Lords Ladies and Dingleberries…..may I have your very last orders please”…….God bless two of the nicest people to ever grace this town.

    By T.A.Williams (14/12/2012)

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