The Quart Pot pub, Runwell Road.

Two views of the Quart Pot pub in Runwell Road, circa 1950(?)

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  • Information suggests A. Guiver was proprietor from 1937 – 1955

    By Jacqueline Oldman (06/09/2023)
  • I too played in the tree outside the Quart Pot after the war when my father was demobbed.  Perhaps you were one I played with in the lit up hollow tree, whilst eating arrowroot biscuits and an orange squash.

    By BOBCROOT (05/10/2012)
  • This was probably one of my late Father’s happiest places…..the old Quart Pot. Born in 1922 in Deptford, my Dad’s family had several moves owing to my late Grandfathers work commitment . But my father Mr. Alfred Williams lived in ‘Roseate’, Churchend Lane just prior and during the war years till the early fifties when my grandparents died and were both laid to the rest in St. Mary’s Church, Runwell. I can well remember being a small child and the old tree in front of the Quart Pot at one time must have been hit by lightning….as being small children my brother and I used to play in the hollowed out trunk of the tree. Mum and Dad would be inside and if we were good….Dad would emerge with either a bag of Smiths Crisps (original) with the little twisted blue bag of damp salt in the middle, or if you was really good for a penny you could buy an Arraroot biscuit….washed down with lemonade or cream soda ….oh such happy times. The bungalow in Church End Lane Roseate is still there today almost opposite the village hall……after his parents died Dad sold the bungalow and had the present bungalow in Jersey Gardens built in 1951…..and I was born in 1952. But always Dad’s happiest years he would recall as being at Runwell…..which to date still retains it’s village look.

    By T.A.Williams (09/09/2012)

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