The Manor House at Ramsden Bellhouse

Isabel Johnson's Ramsden Bellhouse and Heath Collection.

The Manor House of Ramsden Bellhouse is now considered to be the oldest property in the area.  It was bought in 1931 by Lieutenant Colonel F. Pepys Cockerell MC., a member of a London firm of architects. When he bought the house it seemed an undistinguished Georgian manor house, but, while taking some measurements of the ceiling, he discovered that he had made an error. Chipping away some of the ceiling, he discovered that it concealed another. This in turn obscured some wonderful Tudor beams, untouched by the worm and in a marvelous state of preservation. There were also two walls which covered fine specimens of sixteenth century oak panelling. (Southend Standard, 1931).

Ramsden Bellhouse Manor
Isobel Johnson

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  • Jo, the author of this post, and a member of Wickford Community Archive, is a former Head Librarian who now helps run the Basildon Heritage Society at Wat Tyler Park. She is very worth getting in touch with as she is very knowledgeable.

    By Lisa Horner (03/08/2019)
  • This is now my house which I bought 2 years ago. I would love more history on my house, if anyone can help me.

    By paula Hannibal (08/11/2018)

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