Old Post Office, Nevendon Road.

The post office and May Cottage in Nevendon Road.
Tinkers Row and new bungalow Nevendon Road

Looking through our photos, I have just found this photo of the post office in Nevendon Road. This was a front extension of May Cottage, and later became a café. When traveling along Nevendon Road from the A127, I have often noticed the cottage called Tinkers Row, and some time ago watched as one third of it was knocked down and a new bungalow built. I wondered if this had previously been May Cottage and if so does anyone have any information about the change of name.
Photo1 Flashback to Nevendon post office and May Cottage
Photo2 As it is now.

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  • This is our home actually called Tinkers Cottage when it was purchased. Back in the 80s it burned down and had to be rebuilt to a great extent but the front 4 rooms are original beamed rooms. I also have paperwork concerning ownership back in the 1800s if you would like any further info, happy to help

    By Teresa Broomfield (03/09/2022)

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