Jersey Villas in Jersey Gardens

I currently live at one of these properties.  They used to be called Jersey Villas.

I have the original deeds and all the ones up to my ownership.
Lovely house, large tall ceilings, ample space and a long 100ft garden.

This photo still has the walls and iron railings in the front garden, so this picture has to be pre war – but I do not know when.  I believe that these buildings were built between 1903 and 1913.

I would be happy to find out more information if there is any.

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  • Opposite these houses during the Second World War, were two large elm trees which had trenches dug around them, I presume for practising the defence of Wickford. I remember playing soldiers on the way home from school. I don’t remember the trees coming down, because now there is a row of bungalows there. It was a feat because the trees were big, even in the late 1940s.

    By bob croot (03/04/2015)
  • The Ebenezer Church was next to these houses, way back in my lifetime, but now I hear they are building a new church at Silver End Way, on the Wick shopping area.

    By BOBCROOT (28/01/2014)

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