Guinea Pig Hall, Runwell Road.

Why was it called Guinea Pig Hall?

This tiny thatched cottage called Guinea Pig Hall still stands along the Runwell Road, bringing back memories of times gone by. For many years I have wondered where such a whimsical name came from.

I was reading through some of the oral histories of local people collected 35 years ago when I came across a Mr Carter. It seems at some time early 1900s his family lived in this cottage and when he was asked “Why Guinea Pig Hall?” answered that the previous tenant kept pigs and sold them for a guinea.

I do know that the name first appears on the censuses as an address in 1911 when the Bewers family lived there.

Mr Jack Carter died in May of 1982 and a wreath modelled on his home – Guinea Pig Hall – was sent to his funeral. (See below).

Thatched cottage Runwell Road.
Marion Hurst
A different picture, but thought to have been taken at a similar time.
John Fuller
Guinea Pig Hall 2009
Jo Cullen
Wreath at Mr Jack Carter's funeral.

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  • If you have had guinea pigs as pets you will see the likeness to Guinea Pig Hall, look again.

    By BOBCROOT (15/06/2013)

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