Church Road in Ramsden Bellhouse, and the original houses.

Isabel Johnson's Ramsden Bellhouse and Heath Collection

Views of Church Road and some of the original houses and bungalows. Many of them have been demolished to make way for bigger, more modern houses.

Church Road
"The rush hour", Church Road
Church Road, outside the shop
Church Road, approaching from the railway bridge
Church Road, looking from the Church towards the shop. The Chalet on the right
"Eastcroft", Church Road
"Grasmere", Church Road
"Foxcroft", Church Road
"Naomi", Church Road
"Oakleigh", Church Road
"Rozel", Church Road
"Rosebank", Church Road. Mrs Brown in the doorway.
"Gulstan", Church Road, Mr Gwyther in garden
"The Briars", Church Road
New build on site of "The Briars", Church Road
"The Chalet", Church Road
"The Gables", Church Road
"The Croft", opposite the church, Church Road

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  • With reference to ‘The Chalet’, I am sure I lived next door to it in ‘Westcroft’, and my friend, called Wendy, used to live there. I used to tap dance over the Village Hall. If I ever missed the School Bus I had to walk with my Uncle (he was 5 yrs older than me) to Downham School. When I see how far it was, surprised we did it. I also went to Crays Hill School. I had an Auntie Lil who lived in the very first house on the right in Glebe Road. I can remember going out of her garden and using a pump to get the water. Such Happy Days. So lucky to have spent my Childhood in such a beautiful Village .

    By Rosemary Head (24/09/2023)
  • Hi Everyone, it’s lovely to read of people who had lived in Ramsden Bellhouse in Church Road.
    I have BEAUTIFUL thoughts of passed years, staying there with Auntie Connie and Uncle Ted that sadly passed in a road accident biking to work up that Road, in Church Street in the 60s.
    He was such a country man with kind country ways. He never married, lived with his sister Connie; his mother, my grandmother, name Amy Mist, had land at the back of the Barlow orchard. It was massive and a nanny goat, which I would walk with on a lead. What fun. I have been told that none of the old properties are there. Thank goodness for my memories, I hold them dear.

    By Angela May Thompson (18/04/2023)
  • My name is Angela May Thompson, daughter of Edith Doble that lived in Ramsden Bellhouse, Church Road. She had many brothers and sisters which were my aunties and uncles, sadly now all passed.
    I had great pleasure of staying with my auntie Connie on summer holidays at the old bungalow, beautiful memories, going up to the corner shop. I am loving the old photos.
    If any one knew my family, please reply.

    By Angela May Thompson (15/04/2023)
  • I lived in Ramsden Bellhouse as a little girl, up to about 8 yrs old, mainly with my Grandad and Grandma Mrs and Mrs Travers. They moved to 3 different homes. “Westcroft” still bears the same name and “Hillside”, last on right past the Fox and Hounds. Also the one I can’t find is “Deodar”. I also remember Ethel and George Whittaker who were the Managers / Owners of the Fox and Hounds. A lady who lived along by Hillside used to make me Chocolate Cake her name was Mrs Sainsbury. This would have been from about 1942-1950.

    By Rosemary Head (11/04/2023)
  • I lived in Ramsden Bellhouse from 1963 until I joined the army in September 1966. My father Stanley Frost, mother Emma Frost, my two brothers, Stanley (AKA Jack) and Robert (AKA Bob) Frost lived at Oaklodge, opposite the village shop. My days living in the village were very happy ones, the village was vibrant and there were a lot of things going on. In particular the youth club at the community centre. I’m now 73 and living in North Wales. Great memories.

    By George (18/03/2023)
  • My great grandad, Frederick Thomas Evans (b.1892 d. 1951), and his wife, Elizabeth “Bessie” McBarron (b. 1892 d. 1962), and family lived at Maple Villa in Church Road, Ramsden Bellhouse. Any information or photos would be greatly appreciated.

    By Vincent F. Evans (07/12/2022)
  • Brian Keen of Ramsden Bellhouse Village shop.
    In reply to John Sargent’s question [below] regarding the death of Brian Keen. He was the eldest child of the owners of the village shop. (Brian, Roy and Carol.) He died in a car crash returning from the Essex Show in Chelmsford. He was a rally driver in his spare time. If my memory serves me correctly it was in 1968 and Brian was 24 years old.

    By Val Colyer (18/05/2022)
  • Delighted to see the photograph of GULSTON.
    My parents lived there approximately 1929 to 1935.
    My father worked in the City as a Shipping Broker and my mother ran a poultry farm.
    I was born in May1934 and my brother in Aug.1932.
    On my birth certificate the address is recorded as GULISTAN.
    This is the first photograph I have seen of Gulistan.
    Many thanks. It made my day.

    By John Norton (21/07/2021)
  • This is really interesting, the photos and information. I would like to jump in with my story, that my great grandparents had a small holding on the Glenmore plot of Glebe Road.
    They were Kate and Ernest Craig. They had my grandmother, Daisy, who married Ernest Philip at St Mary’s Church. They then had Charles and Dorothy (my mother), all living at Glenmore. I found Glenmore yesterday, where the very pleasant lady gave me as much info as she knew but I would love to see any photos of Glebe Road back then, if anyone has any.

    By Margaret Gannon (20/07/2021)
  • Mr Clarke was my grandad and he lived at Rozel.
    He died in his armchair, and had laid out all the necessary phone numbers on the the table beside him with his will.
    I used to stay there from being a child to a teenager on visits and would often see a figure walk past the lounge door and look in at me.
    I never liked going in the bedroom off the lounge, it had an eerie feeling to it.

    By Marilyn St.John (27/06/2021)
  • I am trying to trace a school friend from the 60s. His name was Stuart Jenkins or maybe Jenkinson.
    Also the owner of the stores died in a car accident, also in the 60s. His name was Brian Keen and I am trying to find what year this happened. Thanks in advance plus a really interesting site with great glimpses into the past.

    By John Sargant (27/06/2021)
  • My mum was born in Ramsden Bellhouse in 1941. All I know is the house had floors that weren’t level. The family were called Adams. Does anyone have any information on where this house might have stood?

    By Lynne Hankin (11/11/2020)
  • I lived at “Rozel” from 1972, until I married in 1980. The house was previously owned by a gentleman called Mr Clarke, who was found passed away inside sadly. As a child I always felt a “presence” in the house, and had many unnerving experiences. It is no longer called “Rozel” and is situated opposite the old police houses.

    By Karen Chaney (25/04/2020)
  • My Nan and Grandad lived at “Fairholme”, Church Road – Emily and Herbert Gower, along with their sons Arthur and Stanley, and (daughters?) Mildred, Edith and my mum, Gladys.

    By Linda Elmy (20/01/2020)
  • I have lived at ‘The Chalet’, Church Road, with my husband and now two children for the past 18 years. Looking back at the history on this forum, I am interested to know why our house is so different from the other bungalows shown on Church Road. Because of its name ‘The Chalet’ and the Swiss style of the property and rumours of it being built by German prisoners of war? Can anyone enlighten us? It’s so lovely to be part of the history of Ramsden Bellhouse, and to have restored the property as best as we could rather than knock it down from the condition on which we purchased the house. Many thanks.

    By Brenda Sofroniou (28/12/2019)
  • Update on some people I remember living in Ramsden Bellhouse, late 1940/50:
    Thorns the milkman, farm in Orchard Ave, son Billy.
    The Fox and Hounds Pub. Mr and Mrs Price, daughter Brenda (Hayward).
    E.M.Davies Garden Nursery. Daughter Gladys and son Ronnie.
    Fred and Gladys Smith builders.
    Len Barker.
    Thomas Sowerbutts.
    Alma Turnbull.
    Forsters, son Michael.
    Mr and Mrs Ball, son John.
    Many more people but it is hard to recall their names….

    By Barbara Gerrens nee Turnbull (09/05/2019)
  • I am trying to find a house in Ramsden Heath.
    A relative lived there during 1930s. The house was called Quatre Bras. I’ve no idea where in Ramsden it was or if it is still there. Be grateful for help please.

    By Sue Bignell (23/04/2019)
  • I lived in Church Road, at ‘Little Warrens’, next to Davis nursery which was 3 doors down from the church. I was married in the church in 1953, and have revisited only last month to find our bungalow had disappeared, along with many other bungalows. I too was saddened to see so much change. The church is still pretty and well looked after. On Sundays I remember the church bells ringing out, “come to church, come to church”. Davis nursery where I worked for a while, managed by Tommy Sowerbutts, all gone. We had great times down in the village hall on dance nights, and playing tennis. Many fond memories!

    By Barbara Gerrens nee Turnbull (10/11/2018)
  • My grandparents, Grace and William Overing, bought the Gables (see above) in the mid 1920s, and my mother was born there. She lived there with her seven siblings until 1953, and then we used to have an annual holiday there.
    It was the best place in the world and I still miss it.
    It’s such a shame that all those beautiful old houses have been replaced or changed beyond recognition.

    By Rosalind Locke (18/10/2018)
  • I am doing my family history, and discovered that a relation, David Ward, died at ‘The Retreat’, Ramsden Heath. I cannot find anything about this.
    I found probate records saying he left nearly £500 to his wife Sarah Jane.  She and her daughter were still living at The Retreat in the 1911 Census records.  Would you know how I could find out more about The Retreat and whether there are any records which would throw light on my relatives involvement with The Retreat.

    Bernie Muir

    [Editor’s Note: Anyone interested in tracing the history of their house may find this Essex Record Office leaflet useful.]

    History of my House

    By Bernie Muir (24/03/2015)

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