Coltcott School.

Can anyone remember where this school was? Any information would be welcome.

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  • I went to the school from about age of 3. It is in Southend Road and the studio was built as extension to the left hand side of the building, facing it. We used to change in what would have been a lounge or dining room.

    By Carol Addison (nee Archer) (05/05/2022)
  • “The Wickford School of Music and Dancing and Girls and Boys School” is listed in the 1929 Kelly’s Directory, Principal: Mrs Colecott. It was in the Southend Road but I don’t know if it was the same building as the Mala School of Dance. From the comments below it seems likely.

    By Maurice Wakeham (20/04/2016)
  • I used to go to this school run by Margaret between 1966 – 1981.

    Remember the studio so clearly, with her dogs running in and out, and her sitting on a chair at the front.  By Carol Addison (nee Archer).

    By Carol Addison (23/04/2015)
  • I remember very well going to learn to dance at the Mala School of Dancing. I remember you Phil. I was there from 1960s till 1970.

    By Diane Kettle (09/03/2013)
  • It’s number 82 Southend Road, which is next door to the house which I knew as the Mala Dance school.

    By Sue Smith (30/01/2012)
  • I need to add a further comment to the one above. On reflection I now realise that the dance studio was actually built on to the left hand side of the bungalow sometime after the photo was taken. I’m now curious as to what in fact the square shaped extension to the rear is. I entered the Mala School of dancing many times in the 1960’s as my sisters danced there. I’m not at all certain that it’s the same place.

    By Phil Merrin (27/09/2011)
  • Yes it was the Mala School of Dancing. Margaret Upton a spinster lived there with her mother. The square raised part of the building which can be seen to the rear left of the photo was the dance studio. Our family lived at Mount Cottage 150yds further up Southend Rd on the other side of the road and next to St. Catherine’s Church. The Mala used to put on splendid Christmas pantomimes which were put on at Wickford community centre, The Archer Hall in Billericay and The Runwell Village Hall.

    By Phil Merrin (03/07/2011)
  • Yes you are correct this is the Mala School of Dance, just a bit further up the Southend Road on the other side of the road from the post office.

    By John Cooper (15/05/2011)
  • Yes, the building still exists … was it the Mala School of Dance ?

    By Stan Merryfield (02/03/2011)
  • It is possible that this was the school of dance in Southend Road (opposite Wickford Church of England School) which was run by Margaret Upton.

    By Margaret Saddinton nee Robinson (28/02/2011)
  • I have since discovered that this was a school of dance and music, but still don’t know where it was

    By Jo Cullen (16/12/2010)

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