A Hospital in Wickford?

Shown on an early map of the area.

We have recently received this email from MIke Dobson, who spoke to an Archive member at the Community Showcase Day on 19th August.

“Further to seeing you at your stall in the High Street last weekend, as promised I attach a photo of an ordnance survey dated 1805, which if you zoom in there is reference to a Hospital being present around the junction, I think, of Castledon Road and London Road (today’s names). I cannot find any reference anywhere about this building and wondered if you were aware of it’s existence?

On a later Ordnance Survey map of 1919 this Hospital appears to have disappeared. If you do have any information, I would be extremely interested. I look forward to hearing from you.”

A map of 1895 doesn’t show a hospital. Can anyone throw any light on this building?

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  • Being hospital land does not make it a hospital.

    Runwell Hospital and Billericay Hospital were the only two in the immediate area. Runwell was active from the 1930s and a common insult for generations of local schoolkids as it was a psychiatric hospital which finally closed completely, and in typical Essex style, to be built on, in 2010.

    Southend hospital is older but dates from the 19th century, Billericay (St Andrew’s) was a general hospital until Basildon opened in the 1970s, Billericay had at one time a plastic surgery unit but then was also built on like Runwell… still functioning in the 1980s when I went there for something, now now long gone.

    By SW (24/09/2023)
  • The site was owned by Bartholomew Hospital. See my article ‘Friern Farm’ on this website.

    By David C Rayment (30/08/2023)
  • I have from the Essex Records Office a copy of a map of land for sale dated 1732 Survey Tim Skynner? Ref No.D/Du 513/6. I think. It is shown as Christ Church Hospital Land. Come along to our next Open Day, I will have the map on show, as I have had it since we have been having our Open Days.

    By David De'Ath (30/08/2023)
  • I don’t know about a hospital I think the label says Hospital Farm though.

    By Maurice Wakeham (30/08/2023)

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