Demolition of house next to the garage, Runwell Road

Barry Wade
Barry Wade
Barry Wade

This house was next to the garage in Runwell Road and was demolished to make way for the roundabout and enlargement of the Garage. I was told the manager of Darby’s lived there

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  • I can confirm that in 1944 – 1950 this house belonged to a Mr Bernard Harvey and his wife. They had a son called Raymond who at that time was aged about 11 years old. Bernard Harvey was the son of Mr Harvey who owned Harvey’s garage by the entrance to Swan Lane. From 1939 – 1952 I lived at No 3 Wickford Place, a row of five cottages opposite Harvey’s Garage. I would presume the cottages were demolished about the same time.
    These cottages suffered from damage caused by the land mines which dropped onto Swan Lane and near the cricket field during the war.

    By Des Lawrence (23/01/2018)
  • Worked in this garage (Runwell Garage), the gunners were Roy and Maurice. Jim Hair was workshop manager, Gordon Penson stores manager. Other guys were Tony, Michael (both had something to do with Carters funerals).

    Think it was Ray, one of a twin, the other worked, I think, at Southend Road garage with Laurie Golding.

    The garage was a Morris agent, the Austin agent being Walkers of Basildon.

    By John Bevan (22/11/2016)
  • I seem to remember that this house lost its large chimney during the 1987 hurricane.

    By Brian Chapman (06/01/2016)

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