Waterworks Road, Wickford

By Mary Armour

I am researching my family history and have come to some cousins who lived at Fairview, Waterworks Road, in the 1920s.  In the 1939 Register they were a few doors along the road at what looks to be Tresco?, Waterworks Road, (next to Beauchamps).  They were the Hollingback family, John, a retired butcher who died in 1924, his wife Louise and daughter Beatrice. I wonder if anyone remembers them or if there are any pictures of the houses they lived in.  Is Waterworks Road off Southend Road, Wickford?  Many thanks for any help.

This page was added by Mary Armour on 10/07/2017.
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There are now only 2 properties in what was Waterworks Road, now renamed in the late 60s to Cherry Lane. I am making enquiries with the owners to see if they have any photos.

By Geoff Whiter
On 26/07/2017

Thank you Geoff Whiter!  It is great to know the road is still in existence - it would be wonderful if there are any photos of Fairview or Tresco.  

By Mary Armour
On 02/08/2017

I think I recall this road which was unmade until at least 1970. It was quite obscure and was more a gravel track which  turned off from Southend Road going towards the Southminster line railway bridge - just at the point the road dips for the bridge. Waterworks Road ran parallel and elevated to Southend Road albeit hidden by a tall hedge of Elms, before it turned left at the rail line - before petering out. 

By Phil Merrin
On 03/09/2017

Thank you Phil for the additional information re. the location of Waterworks Road. I am hoping to get there and see the location soon.

By Mary Armour
On 12/09/2017