The Storm of October 1987

Memories of the Great Storm 16 October 1987

Its the 30th anniversary of the Great Storm.

Did it affect you?

Do you have any memories or photographs?

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I remember the great storm quite well, considering it was 25 years ago! I was on my own all night as my husband was on night shift at the time. I recall being awake all night listening to all the scary noises and I had Radio Essex on all night as well listening to what was happening. Next morning I was really tired but there were no trains so I did not have to go to work. Can't believe it is 25 years to the day.

By Pauline Whale
On 13/10/2012

25 years ago! It does not seem possible. Awake all night (while my husband slept through it). The big conifer in the front garden came right down and blocked the front porch, so I could not get the front door open, but actually I had wanted the tree down for ages! Remember walking down Swan Lane and there were trees down everywhere. Market Road was littered with the market stalls.

By Diane Sheehy
On 26/10/2012

My wife went to France on a day cruise. She should have been home at 10 30 pm. with the beer; she rang at 10 pm. to say the boat was still trying to get into Dover. Not having seen a news I didn't know what was what was happening so went to bed, and fell asleep waiting for a call. I woke up and heard this noise; she had come in, got my sack barrow, brought in the beer and was coming to bed. The next morning my lads were ringing to say they couldn't get into work. I said "Why not?"  "Didn't you know we had a storm?"  I slept right throught it, that's my story and I am sticking to it!!!

On 04/11/2012
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