Fairmead Estate in 1960s

By Tony

Hello, I used to live on Fairmead Estate, a bungalow called Bannu, strange name.. anyway I was wondering if anyone remembers the plot of land at the Cranfield Park Road end of the estate where we used to have our firework display? As I recall it was owned by a group of the people who lived on the estate, back in the early 1960's, my parents being among them.  Has this land been sold? Anyone remember it?

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Yes, I remember the Fairmead Estate. My greatgrandfather built and lived at "Waverley" and my grandmother lived in "Four Winds". Don't know what happened to the land after about 1969.

By Ann
On 13/07/2012

Hi Ann, I seem to remember Four Winds in the back of my mind somewhere, I lived on the estate from 63 to 69, what were their names I might have known them...

By Tony
On 04/09/2012

Hi, I did live there for a short while, with my parents and 4 brothers, George, Alan, Derek, and Philip, from about 1955/58. We moved in Wickford after that, otherwise I do not know anything about the land.

By Ann Morley nee Merrin
On 07/11/2012

Hello Tony, My greatgrandfather who lived at Waverly was Smith and my grandmother at Fourwinds was Langdon

By Ann
On 12/01/2013

My Grandad was Joseph Smith of 'Waverley'.  I visited him in the late 1940s, his cottage was in Wickford. I have a photo of the old house.

By Brian Smith
On 25/03/2013

My gran, grandad and mum lived on Fairmead estate and we went back recently to have a little look and noticed that the land had been all fenced off. As far as I'm aware all the residents collectively owned it but my grandparents are sadly no longer with us so it's a mystery and we don't really know how to find out. As it's a while since you posted, I wonder if you had found out anymore.

By Paula farnsworth
On 08/04/2013

My mums Grandad John Cobley owned Malvern Hurst on the Fairmead Estate. A notice in The London Gazette 16th June 1959 shows when he applied for the freehold, but they had lived there from about 1940. My mum, her two brothers and her sister liver there with him, two aunts and an uncle. My mum said that it was not much more than a shack to start with. My mum lived there until she married in 1951 and then she moved to Elm Road to live with her in laws.

By J Shelley
On 14/05/2013

Brian, my great grandad's name was indeed Joseph Smith of Waverley. He was in the Police force and built the cottage himself. I think his wife's maiden name was Godbold.

By ann
On 30/08/2013

It seems that the land was handed over to a builder as far as I can see, still not found anyone with any proof that the residents owned it...

By Tony
On 31/10/2013

My grandmother lived on Fairmead Estate. The bungalow's name was "Patricia" (my mum's name). As a child we spent holidays there and I always loved the place. I can remember the little shop run by Mrs Hillier and also there was a family by the name of Parrot. I would really love to hear from anyone who knew these people or anything to do with Wickford.

By Mary Ewen
On 21/09/2015

In reply to Mary Ewens post about families that lived on Fairmead estate: my grandma, grandad & mum lived there & their names were Parrott, they lived at Fairview. Have some great memories about living there but left many years ago!

By Paula farnsworth
On 13/03/2016

I have recently found about a great uncle who married a Grace Darling who lived in Whitehouse [stores]. His name was Bill Croot, he moved in 1962 and died in 1978, and Grace died in1968. Can anybody give any information on them as the family are interested.

By bobcroot
On 19/06/2017
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