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You can add a comment about anything on the website by clicking on the ‘Add a comment’ link at the bottom of each page.

You can also submit your own photos, stories or information to the site by clicking  Contribute  where you will be presented with an easy-to-fill form. The ”contribute” link is also available via the ‘Get Involved’ link at the top of the Home Page. When you have finished your contribution you can submit it without registering on the site. Or you can register at the end of the contribution process. The choice is yours.


If you become a registered user you can login and have the ability to look at your own material on the site and to have some control of it. So registration has advantages for more regular contributors.

When you are registered and logged onto the site you will see the link ‘Dashboard’ in the top right hand corner of the Home page. If you click on it a side panel will open. When you have finished with Dashboard go to the top left of the page and hover over ‘Wickford Community Archive’. Slide down slowly and click on ‘Visit Site’ to exit the Dashboard.

If you ever need to get in touch please click on this contact us link, which duplicates the one at the top of the Home Page.

The following sections are only of relevance to those who were registered on our old site. For security reasons their password will no longer work. They therefore have a choice of re-registering the password or of recommencing on the new site as a new user.

If you were registered on our previous site then for security reasons your password will no longer work, but your username, email address and other details will stay the same.

You may decide to re-register to maintain continuity with material you had there – but you don’t have to, in which case you will be treated as a “new” unregistered contributor.  Our advice would be to re-register your password if you had a significant investment in the previous site, and to do this before you investigate the Contribute link. This will help preserve continuity with what you had before. 

You should first try to re-register your password yourself – follow the link for detailed instructions on  what to do. If you have difficulty you can ask us to help you re-register it, which will merely involve a simple exchange of emails. Just contact us by email with the simple request:

“please reset my password.”

If you were registered on our previous site and have changed email address then things are a bit more complicated. You should first register as a completely new user by following the Register link at the top of the Home Page. Your new material and old material will then be separate entities (because we cannot have duplicate usernames or duplicate email addresses on the site). Its first worth making sure you can login with your new account.  You can continue with this but we can migrate your previous articles and all your other account settings to your new account. If you want us to do this please contact us by email with the request:

“I have changed my email address from aaa@bbb to ccc@ddd, please migrate all my settings and material to the one account.”

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