Mayfield's Swimming Pool in Battlesbridge

Steve Card's enquiry, and memories from contributors.

Can anyone else remember the open air swimming pool at Battlesbridge? I believe it closed after becoming contaminated during the 1958 floods. It was situated near The Hawk public house, and from memory had outside changing rooms and a diving area. I think it was called Mayfield’s (?)

John Fuller sent in this newspaper cutting of a swimming gala held at the pool in Battlesbridge. John's comments are shown below.

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  • I remember going to Battlesbridge swimming pool in the early 1960s. We moved to Billericay in February 1960 so it was either the summer of 1960 or 1961.

    By Steve Alexander (29/06/2017)
  • In 1957 I taught myself to swim in the Mayfield’s swimming bath.  I had saved up monies from my paper round and bought a pair of flippers. These gave me sufficient confidence to get my feet off the bottom of the pool.  My father was impressed and paid half a crown (12.5p) per hour for the school swimming coach, Ray Smith from Leigh-on-Sea to give me summer swimming lessons for the rest of 1957 and 1958. With tuition I learned the correct way to swim and dive.

    I can remember, maybe May 1958, swimming in the Mayfield pool and there was freak weather event, a snow storm, which lasted about 10 minutes.  As a teenager I just carried on swimming whilst everybody else got out of the pool!

    In 1959 Marlies Chase and I were Constable House (Wickford Secondary Modern School) swimming team house captains and were presented with a championship shield. 

    By John Fuller (10/06/2017)
  • There was a hotel at MAYFIELDS. It is now SMITHS PLASTICS.

    By ALAN HIGLEY (05/06/2017)
  • Ref above swimming pool: I was friends with the son of the owner of this and I remember getting a life preserver from Gamage’s [anyone remember them?] for about  2/6d. This was put across one’s chest, blown up with air and held in place by canvas straps.

    I tried going in the pool, I got this aid because I could not swim and still sink like a brick. Did it help? NO!

    This was about 1948 and I remember getting a small tin badge with a V on the front to denote V for victory from my friend. Should have kept it.  

    By Robert Howard (02/06/2017)
  • Yes, it was called Mayfield but in my recollection, before 1952, we left school in Market Road to learn to swim at Battlesbridge, but on arriving we discovered a pool of green dirty water and nothing working, so had to go back to school. What organisation.

    It became a night club in later years and we had some good nights there, and I still can’t swim.

    By bobcroot (29/05/2017)

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