This website will shortly be moving to a new and more secure system in order to ensure that the memories which we have collected are protected into the future.  During the changeover it will be possible to visit all the pages on the site. However, it will not be possible to post comments or add new pages.

When the transfer is complete, the site will look slightly different, but all the existing pages and comments will still be here.  After the transfer, if you log-in, you will be asked to choose a new password. This will only apply if you have previously registered on the site. 

You will still be able to view the site without logging in.

The changeover period will start from 23rd October 2017 and our ‘new look’ website will go live on 27th November. Between these dates it will not be possible to add any new articles or comments, although the website will be viewable as usual.

If you wish to provide a comment during the change period it can be submitted by email to wickfordhistory@gmail.com The comment will then be added to the new website when it goes live, but please remember to let us know to which article it refers.


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